Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hand to Hand Combat

Here are a recent pair of commissions I did in the style of a diptych.
I like the both of them but I think I'm particularly fond of the Daredevil half of the piece.

As these were designed to hang next to one another I thought I'd
include the pair side-by-side to give you an approximation of what they'd look like.

click on any image to enlarge


Jason Quinones said...

love the daredevil character! these look amazing!

Davinder said...

They're both nice, but, wow, that Daredevil is great.

Shane said...

Fantastic set! A really cool idea, with great characters, executed greatly!

Dan C said...

Brilliant! Love your use of blacks and greys.

erica said...

Amazing, Brian! Your talent is endless! I'd love to see what they look like once they've been framed!