Friday, May 22, 2009

A New Commission Sale!

A window has opened up in my schedule and starting late next week I'll be doing commissions. The above drawing is and example of the style and quality of the commissions. I had such a great response to the holiday sale that I've decided to run a different kind of deal.
All commissions are brush inked and then toned in a grey wash on 11"x14" Bristol board with a one inch border (actual image size is 9"x12"). The price is still $150 plus $8 for shipping (this includes the plastic sleeve I ship them in). The deal this time around is one piece for $150 but if you get a second commission it's only $99 (hell, if you want a third piece, to make it a tryptych, I'll do that one for $99 as well). This also gives you the opportunity to go in with some friends and everyone can get a savings. I already have a couple folks lined up so space is limited.

If you're interested contact me at

You can see some more examples of commissions in this style by clicking on "commissions" at the bottom of this post (when you follow the link, disregard any images that are not grey toned).

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Shane said...

That piece is fantastc! Not as good as Deathblow and Grifter, but still impressive!