Monday, April 13, 2009

Sashy Lady

Here are a couple more con sketches I did for Emerald City.
Note: I love Ms. Marvel's costume. It's basically the sash that does it. I love sashes. Also, capes. Especially those funky collared capes (e.g. Dr. Strange). Or just the funky collars (e.g. 70's Morbius). To sum up: I'm always open for doing con sketches and commissions of characters in sashes or capes.


Matt W. said...

You do an unbelievable GL, sir. Just as iconic as can be. The jet black background really takes full effect of the luminescence of Hal's ring. Stunning!

Nathan T said...

I'm a big fan of the sash myself, really makes the costume. And speaking of capes, what do you think of the new Speedy's costume? I think the hood/cape combination is pretty awesome.

Brian said...

Ms. Marvel is a big fav of mine as well.

Doing any East Coast shows this year?

Jason Palmer said...

Looks great Brian. I missed on getting a sketch at Emerald City from you!!! Next year!

Unknown said...

Brian, you did the young Paul Crocker in my Q&C bound book, if you'd like I can send you a photo. Email me at if you would like it, and let me know where to send it. Thanks again, that book is my prized possession now!