Monday, November 26, 2007

Rockets and Sparklers

Just returned from a successful weekend at the Mid-Ohio Con. I could've stood to sell a few more books (not that I did badly) but I did very well with commissions. I was as busy as ever and had to turn down some requests--even after doing several in advance of the show.

Here are two of the commissions I did recently--one in advance and one at the show. The Rocketeer was pre-ordered and I definitely took my time with this one. This drawing was to be the first page in a Rocketeer sketchbook and I wanted to do my best to get the book off to a good start. No pressure, right? The other drawing is Jenny Sparks, from the Authority, of course. Not, as some may have conjectured, Tara Chace with a nasty case of static electricity.

As always, if you had a sketch done at the show and you have the ability to scan your drawing and send it my way, I would much appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

brian, are you *sure* that's not tara chace? ;-)

-andy v.

Nick said...

That Rocketeer is phenomenal, sir!

Jamie S. Rich said...

Oh, man, I've always been a Rocketeer fan, and that is awesome.

Doctor Fantastic said...

You are putting out consistently phenomenal work, Brian!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE that Rocketeer!