Friday, June 22, 2007

Heroes Con Aftermath Pt.. 2

The following four images are all commissions done for Shannon and Carrie, a really great couple I first met this past year in Mid-Ohio. Between the two of them and their friend, Billy, they kept Chris Samnee and myself quite busy this past weekend. Thanks guys!

I really don't get the chance to read too many super-hero comics anymore--the exception being Astonishing X-Men, Runaways, and the odd trade that someone loans me. I have to say though, that World War Hulk has almost pulled me in. I've always liked the Hulk and I've always loved John Romita Jr. so I may have to cave and pick this up. I flipped through the recent issue inpreparation for this drawing and it looked like everything I would want it to be. When I originally heard the concept I started fantasizing about drawing the book--this drawing is the closest I'll come to fulfilling that dream.

The above and below images were done for Carrie. Leave it to her to give me something out of left field (insert smiling emoticon here). A Mohican and a jet. I loved doing the Native American but part of me would have liked to have seen what this would have looked like in watercolor. The jet (an A4 Skyhawk) is a Navy plane that her father used to fly--the image was to be a Father's Day present. A technical drawing. A gift. No pressure, right? Needless to say I was a little nervous and kept putting off doing the commission until I felt I was adequately warmed up and my drawing arm loose. All that said, I was pretty surprised with myself and the way it turned out.

WWII Cap. I was pretty excited to do this piece. The guy has never been cooler than his pre-freeze days. I think it would be cool if instead of Marvel bringing Cap back to life they instead launch a monthly WWII Captain America book. I might buy that--and that's high praise indeed!

Thanks be given to the folks who sent in scans of their commissions yesterday. Thanks again Karen and big ups to Jim and John!

Also, if the person that I did the Eddie and demons sketch (from the Damned) happens to be reading this could you contact me? I'd love to get a scan/photo of that image.


Anonymous said...

Great work, Brian. You've got some fortunate clients. (Unbiased opinion.)


Anonymous said...

WW2 Cap monthly...GREAT idea. Then they can set the stage for when Cap'n A was secretly cloned by nazis and then reintroduce him in 2008 with a german accent!

Matt Schuler said...

That naval plane is pure gold.
I have no problems when it comes to 50s cars, but when I have to draw planes or ships I just kind of crumble up the paper I draw it on (and repeat about 20 times until I give up).

On a side note, it is always nice to have to sketch the 'unexpected' at cons. It seems to be nice to get away from the typical superhero fare. But then again, I'm not one for drawing superheroes that often.


Eric Talbot said...

A plane and a mohican at one con? And you handled both quite well. My hats off to you.

brian hurtt said...

I agree about it being nice to sketch the unexpected at cons. It's a little scary and exciting to be challenged like that when there is often some kind of an audience. I still refuse to do portraits--try as I might, I just SUCK at likenesses.