Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Girl and Her Horse

I was pretty excited to get this commission. One of my all time favorite comics as a kid was the New Mutants/X-Men Asgardian crossover. I was already a big Thor fan (the first comic I started reading as an ongoing series) and I had just recently gotten into the X-Men. So you take my favorite mutants and put them in Asgard (realm of the Norse gods, for you unitiated), throw in some awesome Art Adams art and you got yourselves a classic. I read them back to back and at the time it (I was 9 or 10) it was the most epic comic I'd read. I've almost forgotten
what it feels like to be that immersed in a comic book world...trying to think
what in recent years would compare...

Anyway, for those who are familiar with the books you will probably recognize the young lady above. For those of you who aren't, that's Dani Moonstar leader (co-leader? I forget) of the New Mutants. In the story she rescues the steed of one of the legendary Valkyrie (these scary warrior women who pick the heroic dead for Valhalla or annoint the dead on the battlefield...or something. Guess I need to dig those back out and reread them) and is in turn chosen as it's rider (essentially becoming a Valkyrie herself).

Also, interesting to note, this is the first time I ever drew a finished piece with a horse in it. Good on me.


Colin said...

That is awesome!!! That arc is one of my all time favorite stories ever!!

I'm still mad at how they killed Brightwind, de-powered Dani and had the White Queen kick her out of the X-Mansion!! At least Dan Slott's bringing her into Avengers: Initiative.

Anonymous said...

How does one contact you to get a commission from you?

let me know please.


brian hurtt said...

Thanks, Colin! Dani was never my favorite New Mutant (that honor would probably go to Cannonball) but she and Brightwind were still a lot of fun to draw. I sure miss those classic Art Adams Annuals--those marked the only time in my memory where the annuals were actually worth buying.

brian hurtt said...

I thought that it was easy to reach me through this blog but when I actually looked around the only email address I found was my gmail account at the top of the page--which I've never used. I will start checking that regularly now, but in the meantime you can reach me at:

Thanks for the interest!

ADC said...

I'm totally going to commission you to do some sweet Unicorn paintings for me!