Friday, February 23, 2007

My Inner Cartoonist

Here are some sketches that have been staring back at me from my bulletin board, waiting to be inked, for a couple months now. I finally took down these neglected drawings and put the brush to the paper today. I've posted a couple of these characters before but this might be the first time I've posted the hairy guy on the left. I'm quite fond of the design of this character. My favorite attribute of his is not visible in this pose--it's a fluffy little bunny tail sticking out of the back of his leather drawers.
I've said it before that I am most at ease and having the most fun when drawing in this more cartoony style. Unfortunately, the economics of the industry, to date, aren't demanding a lot of artist's working in this style. I do think that it's starting to change. So if anyone from Scholastic's Graphix! line is reading this--give me a call!
I've posted some other sketches in this style before, although this is the first time they've been inked properly with a brush. You can find those posts here , over here , and of course, here.


L0N said...

Hey this stuff looks great. Hope you can do more of it professionally and just as warm-up sketches.

Daniel Krall said...

Hey Brian!

I've been lurking around your blog for a while but have yet to comment. Wanted to let you know your stuff is really blowing me away. The inking and compositions are really great. Your figures look fluid, and your backgrounds are rich with detail and not at all cluttered or clunky. Really great stuff. Also nice to see you do some cartoonier stuff. I've been stuck in a cartoon loop lately. Check out my new stuff if you like at:

Also, what are you working on right now/ in the near future?

Drop me a line when you get a chance

Nice nice work,


Michael Cho said...

Dude, your stuff is AWESOME. The Damned is just amazing looking. And yeah, your cartoony stuff rocks too. In the perfect world, you'd be rich and doing this stuff all day...and every kid in the world would be buying everything you put out.

brian hurtt said...

I like the way you dream, Cho.