Friday, August 11, 2006

Convention Sketches

myself and Cullen Bunn manning the Damned booth
photo courtesy of Cullen's website--he has a few more posted here

I spent all of last weekend stuck behind a table sitting underneath what seemed to be the only AC vent in the showroom. Froze my ass off. The gust was so strong that we had to tape pennies and quarters to our free-standing signs to keep them from being blown off the table. I would've been completely miserable if it had not been for all the nice folks that stopped by to say hi and check out art from mine and Cullen's upcoming book. Not only did the lift the spirits---they deflected the air from the vent. ; ) A big hello and thanks to all the great people I met this past weekend!
Two of those nice folks were Nathan and Joel who made my weekend by asking for sketches of Hard Time's Ethan Harrow, and Queen & Country's Tara Chace and Paul Crocker. The last two may be my most favorite sketches from the show.


Hart1000 said...

Wish I could've attended the show Brian. Those con sketches are sweet!

Those Damned display boards are totally cool!

Looking forward to the series!

Julius Deane said...

Nice Ethan sketch! And the booth looks rockin'. I just read HT 7 and really enjoyed it. The ending was perfect and I'm glad Cindy got the happiest story. She's still my favorite.

Ken told me you guys might be coming to Cape for a Damned launch. Can't wait!