Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Attack in Black

I think these are the last of the Heroes commissions that have been sent my way (I really need to start taking a camera to the show). Above is the first of two Punishers I did at the show which in turn inspired a conversation of how cool Mike Zeck is. I really like his sequential art but it was his covers in the 80s that hold a special place in my heart: G.I. JOE, PUNISHER, CAPTAIN AMERICA, etc.
Black Adam is always awesome to draw. It's a simple, yet genius, costume design and the only way to do him right is to give the man his sash. It's all about the sash. I'd wear one if I thought I could pull it off.


Nathan said...

Black Adam's sash is super sweet. I'm a big fan of Ms Marvel's sash myself. And between the Hawkeye below and the Green Arrow you did for me, i think your archers are just fine.

Shawn Crystal said...

Damn Hurt, you just KICK ASS!

=shane white= said...'re Punisher is as powerful as Zecks ever was.



Michael Cho said...

man, your stuff just keeps getting better and better.