Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Strange Days

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Another really fun commission I did recently. I've never been a reader of the Dr. Strange comics but I've always liked the concept of the character and his design so I had a blast doing this piece. It's interesting that along with Dr. Strange, two of my other favorite Marvel characters are fellow Defenders, the Hulk and Silver Surfer, both of whom I enjoy doing my own takes on. Also, like Dr. Strange I've never delved too deeply into either of the characters as a fan (I did read several years of Peter David's Hulk but I don't think I've picked up an issue in 10 years). I've daydreamed from time to time of being able to do a Defenders comic--I think that that could be the type of super-heroe comic I could fit in at.
Back to work now.


Anonymous said...


yet another fantastic piece! your commissions and con sketches all turn out like finished panels right from a book. you should seriously think about putting together a sketchbook of some of your commissions to sell at cons! i know i'd buy one!

-andy v.

Michael Cho said...

pure Hurtt awesomeness. And strangely enough, I actually thought you'd be the PERFECT guy for drawing Dr. Strange!

brian said...

Thanks Andy! I think you're right about doing a sketchbook. It'll probably have to wait until next year though. I can't imagine adding anything else to my plate at the moment. If I do one you are officially committed to buying one!

Even if you already own half the pieces in the book.

brian said...

Cho--that's cool of you to say. Maybe some day, the powers that be will wise up. :)